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Our Canadian manufacturing facility is up and running! This second location allows us to Manufacture and Bring to Canada Sure Shot Exploding Targets quality at reasonable prices! BOTH the Center-Fire and Rim-fire Exploding Target formulas have now been approved in Canada! We have continually improved these formulas and proven them safe for years! With the help of our Canadian Partners we are able to offer a premium product at a great price and we offer the first and only Rim-fire binary target in Canada! We hope the Canadian Shooting Community is as excited to have Sure Shot as we are to be able to bring it to you!
For Dealer information or to find a dealer in Canada please use the contact below. If you need to call us for any reason, feel free to do so!


The only Binary target actually backed and endorsed by 6 pro shooters and used by training facilities for Sniper shots up to and beyond 1500 meters!.

At Storm Mountain Training Center, (a Professionally operated training camp for Military Contractors and Military), we observed 5 groups of shooters shooting steel targets at 1440 meters and 880 meters. They were hitting the mark some of the time but we could tell they were frustrated with the cross wind and were not using all the shooting skills they had been taught.
We placed Exploding Targets down range without telling them they were going to explode and once team member hit the first target and it exploded the whole line sat up and looked harder! 

We would not have believed it if we did not witness it ourselves but the instant gratification of the target exploding made every shooter either consciously or sub-consciously go through everything they had been taught! From breathing to trigger squeeze to contact with the firearm to reading the wind, these targets make you a better shooter, plain and simple!!
Here are just a few reasons our targets are considered the best on the market:

1) We are the only target manufacturer that will Guarantee our product to have a 7 year shelf life on our Center-fire formula if stored properly* and to be the loudest, most powerful, most consistent and most consumer friendly target on the market! If you do not feel they are what we say they are then stop shooting them and call us to get your refund or replacement going*.

2) We are licensed and are able to make our targets from the highest quality chemicals available.

3) We are the only company to offer a 1/2Lb .22 LR exploding target called "the Magnum" that is stable enough to mix then throw in the air and smash it with a baseball bat! OTHER COMPANIES USE A POWDER FLASH FORMULA THAT I WOULD NOT WANT TO EVEN PICK UP!! One Sure Shot 1/2 lb "Magnum" target is as loud as 2 + Lbs of our Centerfire and 3-5Lbs of the other brands! Don't believe it, Go ahead and try us then post your opinion on our forum!

4) Every target is hand packed with a hand weighed amount of catalyst,(no guessing if you will have enough for all your targets by scooping)

5) All you need to make a target is inside each target container so if you want to bring 4 targets with you just throw them in your cargo pockets and go! The bag the base is in works as a clear mixing bag!

6) From opening the jar to having a mixed & ready to shoot target in less than 60 seconds!

7) During Development we tested targets in Maryland, Utah,Wyoming, Arizona, Alaska and Louisiana to make sure our formulas performed the same in every climate. 100% Detonation, 1st shot, every time!

8) We are a veteran owned business and make sure that everything from the chemicals down to the boxes are MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

9) Our base comes in a 2 mil clear bag you can use to mix in then turn the bag upside down then insert the bag back into the container so when you just knick the lid,(You know this has happened to you), and the target turns over you don't loose all your explosive! You will be able to reset it and not lose a drop!

10) We are truly about great,(not good), Customer Service & have not had a customer go away from our company upset yet. Any questions or concerns please call us at 304-258-4444 or email us at sales@sureshottargets.com.

11) All Military & Law Enforcement please call for a 10% discount!
Exploding targets are great fun and can be a great tool.  Please use wisely and with common sense.  We encourage you to view our site or call for more information.  You will find many answers on our FAQ page.

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