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We have great programs for Dealers and Distributors and can custom tailor a program for you!! If you own a full blown Firearms mega store or if you just want to go to Gun shows  to make some extra  pocket cash, we are here to help. 

Smith Industries Inc, our parent company, is one of only two COMPANIES LICENSED BY THE ATF TO CREATE AND SELL EXPLODING TARGETS.  We make sure we meet your needs as well as give you proper ATF documents to sell under our Licensed company name.  In addition, we have the only .22LR target, (the Sure Shot Magnum), that truly detonates!   Our customers say it is as loud as 3+ Lbs of any centerfire targets / mix sold!   The Magnum is the most powerful target we can legally sell / ship by law and only comes in 1/2Lb targets!

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